Meet New File Manager

NPM package and powerful API for calling your file manager and image editor, uploading files, and resizing images.

CodePen demos with code samples are inside.

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Shortcuts cheatsheet

File Manager designed to have comfortable control using both mouse and keyboard. In every place in it you have a set of hotkeys to access typical actions like files selecting, switching between panels, search for the files, etc..

Some key combinations can work only in specific browsers so we have a set of shortcuts where one on them will fit your browser.

Shortcuts are context specific. It means that their action depends of which of panels (file or directory) is selected.

File panel

TabSwitch to the directory panel
EnterSelect file and close file manager
Ctrl+UUpload file in current directory
Ctrl+EPreview selected file
Ctrl+DDownload file
Ctrl+C, Shift+InsCopy file
Ctrl+XCut file
Ctrl+V, Shift+InsPaste file
DelDelete file
F2Rename file
Ctrl+FFilter files

Directory panel

TabSwitch to the file panel
F7Create new directory
Ctrl+DDownload directory (compressed as .zip file)
DelDelete directory
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+InsCopy directory
Ctrl+XCut directory
Ctrl+V, Shift+InsPaste directory
F2Rename directory


All dialogs (like create new directory dialog) have hotkeys for pressing "OK" button or canceling the action.

EnterConfirm action (press "OK" button)
EscCancel action (press "Cancel" button)

Upload panel

EscCancel upload, return to files list mode