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Backlight Structure

Layout highlighting

All blocks of your framework are now visual. You'll never get lost.

CKEditor & TinyMCE compatible

Easy integration with CKEditor/TinyMCE

Thanks to the Include CSS/JS add-on that comes as standard you can use Bootstrap or Foundation styles on all edited pages.

Setting of column width

Visual column width setup

Straight from Bootstrap Editor, the column setup dialog won't let you down while configuring columns for display on different devices.

Structural blocks

Work with containers, rows and columns

Now Bootstrap Tools supports all layout tags including containers.

Buttons on toolbar

More than 20 buttons on the toolbar

Full spectrum of capabilities to work with Bootstrap/Foundation markup in one.

Editing HTML manually

Fine-tune blocks

If necessary, you can manually edit attributes, classes and styles of Bootstrap/Foundation blocks.

Bootstrap Tools
CKEditor add-on
TinyMCE add-on
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Plugins from Bootstrap Tools allow highlighting containers, rows and columns of Bootstrap/Foundation framework in CKEditor or TinyMCE as well as to add, edit or remove them. Bootstrap Tools offers an impressive set of tools (more than 20 buttons on the toolbar) to get full control over the markup. For the sake of easy install, all these tools are wrapped into one plugin.

You can use visual tools to edit blocks and to manually change tag attributes while you still are in the visual mode.

Bootstrap Tools supports Bootstrap and Foundation framework without any limitations thanks to our own document structure editing SDK that was time-tested in Bootstrap Editor.

The package also offers the Include CSS/JS add-on for automatic inclusion of Bootstrap/Foundation styles and scripts in your content editor.

Works best with Bootstrap Widgets and Bootstrap Editor.