The JS+ products can be purchased in one of three variants. Your software updates depends of the subscription model (or no subscription) you choose.

One-time payment

If you sure you do not need update after free updates period, select this option.

But we recommend you to use subscription: canceling subscription after the first payment after free updates period is fully equal to purchasing with one-time payment.


Make one time payment and get your first period of free updates like using One-time payment method.

All other payments will be processed only after this first period. Subscription payments are less then purchase price so this type of buying the JS+ products is cheaper then One-time payments each year if you would use it for a long time.

Risk free: we will notify you via e-mail so you will have ability to decide to cancel the subscription or not any time.

Example 1:

  1. You bought one product by subscription model ($99 + $59 each next year)
  2. Before the end of a year you receive our notify letter and decided that you do not need the product any longer
  3. You cancel the subscription. Total amount of money paid by you ($99) it equal to One-time payment price ($99).

Example 2:

  1. You bought one product by subscription model ($99 + $59 each next year)
  2. After a year of using it you make subscription payment and prolong the updates period for 1 more year ($59), and next year doing the same ($59)
  3. So you get 3 years of updates paying ($99 + $59 + $59) less than purchasing it 3 years with One-time payment ($99 + $99 + $99).

All updates you can receive using your private space on our website.

The best for economy

Lifetime license

The best choice for professionals who build and support their websites on long-term basis.

Getting lifetime license you will be able to download updates from your control panel at any time in future.

This is the cheapest choice if you think to use updates more than just 2 years.