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Installing into CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and the others)

Whatever CMS you use, Bootstrap Editor 2 can easily install there.
All popular CMS including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal 7 and many others already have CKEditor or TinyMCE installed as the default editor.
Correspondingly, to install Bootstrap Editor in these CMS you simply need to install the standard CKEditor or TinyMCE plugin.

Installing to Joomla

Joomla uses TinyMCE as an editor. Therefore we need the TinyMCE plugin of Bootstrap Editor. Then, follow the standard TinyMCE plugin installation procedure.

If you want (or if your version of Joomla uses outdated JCE), you can install CKEditor as the main editor and then install the CKEditor plugin.
Please note that besides the CKEditor plugin for Joomla is not officially supported anymore (there are no updates, and Joomla 3 compatibility is broken), JS+ team has fixed and updated the CKEditor for Joomla module and distributes it for free. We also wrote detailed installation instructions.

Installing to WordPress

Basically, it's similar to Joomla: TinyMCE is available by default, you only need to install the TinyMCE plugin.

CKEditor has a supported module in the extensions folder of WordPress, and you can easily install it, and then add Bootstrap Editor for CKEditor to it.

Installing to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is a whole different story, because we ship a special Drupal 8 module for it. Essentially, this is the same plugin for CKEditor, but integrated with the Drupal 8 control panel.
CKEditor itself is already installed to Drupal 8 making installation simpler for this CMS.

Installing to Drupal 7

Because Drupal 7 is still extremely popular we continue supporting it.
CKEditor is not installed in it by default, so you will need to install the Drupal 7 module, and then install Bootstrap Editor for CKEditor.
Here is an example of how to install the CKEditor plugin to Drupal 7.

Installing to other CMS and frameworks

Bootstrap Editor 2 can be installed to any CMS or a website based on any framework (RoR, Django or even your own). The simplest option is to built CKEditor or TinyMCE into your website, then the task comes down to just installing the corresponding plugin.

If you don't plan to use these editors in your CMS, or if you want to use Bootstrap Editor in some non-obvious way (for instance, you need some complex integration to the website control panel), take a look at Bootstrap Editor JavaScript SDK. This option allows your programmer to built in Bootstrap Editor so that you have full control over the evoking.