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Bootstrap Editor SDK

This programmer-friendly version of Bootstrap Editor is ideal to any integrations of the plugin with your own product or web application.

You can evoke Bootstrap Editor from your own code via the public API to alter the specified context, and then receive the result of editing from your code, or let Bootstrap Editor refresh the content on the page.

Note. If you want to install Bootstrap Editor in a specific CMS that supports CKEditor or TinyMCE, you don't need to integrate the JS-version. You should take a look at the Bootstrap Editor verson that runs as a CKEditor/TinyMCE plugin.

Projects based on Bootstrap Editor SDK

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CKEditor/TinyMCE Botstrap Editor add-on

Powerfull editor which working in Bootstrap and Foundation mode. With just one setting you switch the framework and the version you want to work with.


Well, you have content you wish to edit. Some string contains HTML code and your server renders it as HTML element or as value of input.

These are examples of content which is ready for using in openByElement or openByInput API functions. Bootstrap Editor also has openByHTML API function for editing content from raw string in memory you have.

Sample usage:

            framework: "b4", // using Bootstrap 4
            buttonSaveTitle: "Save the article" // just for sample
            // ...
            // other parameters go here


You can configure Bootstrap Editor a lot. Please see Configuration page to view all parameter keys are available.

Parameters can be used to set WYSIWYG behavior like using fluid containers or preserving transparency of rows and columns in editor mode. You can specify type of passed content, its framework and handle different events.


There is a number of events Bootstrap Editor will notify any listeners specified in your application. The most of times you will need to set onSave method to handle saving of content especially if you use openByHTML API method, but these is a list of another different methods.

See Demo

Please see Live Demo with code samples to see how easy it is.