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CSS framework

Uses your CSS framework

Table Tools takes into account specifics of Bootstrap or Foundation if they are plugged in

Visual representation

Visual editing

Edit the table visually without switching to the source code mode

Structure control

Control the structure

All possible manipulations with the table, lines, columns and cells are available

Valid markup

Valid markup

Now the product produces the same predictable HTML result both in CKEditor and TinyMCE

Table Tools
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What if table tools built into CKEditor or TinyMCE are not enough and direct editing of HTML code is not what you would prefer to do? Install Table Tools and receive a full range of possibilities to built even a complex table.

All solutions you have seen before were too simplistic and overlooking many details. They were especially unstable when there were a need to merge or split cells (using `colspan` and `rowspan`). Starting from Table Tools 2.0, the plugin uses its own library to transform a table to an object model and back. This core allows any changes in the table (creating lines and columns, swap places, merge and split cells) while keeping the structure of the table valid.

The new version features increased stability and at the same time unifies functionality for users of CKEditor and TinyMCE. Now, TinyMCE users have access to the same set of capabilities.

One more utterly useful function is configuration of styles, classes and cell attributes and applying them to the entire column or line. The same way you can apply a style to a specific cell or the whole table.