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Powerful modal dialogs API
  • Messages dialogs
  • Confirmations
  • Custom windows
  • Flexible API
  • 6 skins

1. Message dialogs

Call message (information, warning, etc) dialogs in one line of code.

Message dialog screenshot
Message dialogs samples & demo

2. Confirmation dialogs

Open confirmation dialogs of different type with simple handling result.

Confirmation dialog
Confirmation dialogs samples & demo

3. Custom windows

Create a custom window instance with your own contents inside and do anything with it like in desktop application.

Custom dialog
Custom dialogs samples & demo

Main features

Pure JavaScript

It is written in pure JS and no dependencies like JQuery required. The code is quick, stable and integration-friendly.

Simple API

The dialog has simple well documentated API. You can easely integrate it with your app or website using guides or sample from demo page.

A lot of options is available to developer. JSDialog is designed to be the most flexible JavaScript dialog library.


A lot of skins is available for JSDialog users. You can use themes based on popular systems (Android, iOS, Windows 10, etc.), or a number of skins developed especcially for JSDialog.

You can also create your own visual theme by simple editing 20-rules CSS files or even define your own HTML template for the dialog for advanced tweaking of dialog UI including buttons, borders, etc..

Fast load

JSDialog is not heavy. Its size is very tiny (about 15Kb) when it is minified.

It also will load CSS files on demand (on and if first dialog show), but this can be changed if you wish.

Easy message and confirm dialogs

Ready functions for showing alerts, warnings, errors and even confirm dialogs are included inside JSDialog library.

Use this functions to show some messages in one line of code.

If you require more complicated dialog, the constructor for creating custom dialog is available for you.