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This bundle will allow you including many useful widgets onto your web page. Click on a button on the toolbar of CKEditor or TinyMCE and set parameters for widget, and it is being inserted.

The detailed description of any included into products is available on personal widget's pages.

Widgets plugins

Place objects onto Google Maps and insert the map as a widget to your website.
Search for a video and insert it to the page as you specify.
Insert a styled button-link to your website. Use one of the templates, or create your own design.
This table of special characters allows inserting symbols as text or image to the content of the site.
A set of super-useful templates for your content.
Insert an icon from the most popular icon set and select and preview its custom style.
Manually-created chain of links to display hierarchy of the current page.
Embed text side-boxes to the main content to present additional information.
Define custom sets of templates to quickly insert to your website.


Google Maps screenshot
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Button screenshot
Special Symbols screenshor
Template screenshot
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