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Keyword video search

Keyword video search

You can find the needed video by a quick search. Just type a keyword and you will see the list of video on the topic. The search by URL is available too.

List of video settings

Full list of video settings

You will get the whole set of tools to customize video as you wish, such as proportions of video, autoplay, load subtitles, enabling/disabling hotkeys, etc.

Trimming video

Trimming video

You can cut video to the desired length using sliders. Just set the start time of playing and stop time. Also, you can reset previously settings, if it doesn't require.

Tag options

Tag options

Besides custom options for the video, you can set parameters for the whole container where you insert clip. It is simple with advanced tag options: addition of classes, attributes and styles for them.

CKEditor add-on
TinyMCE add-on
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Youtube plugin is a full-featured add-on which helps you to find and insert YouTube video code on your page. Also, you can edit the embedded video's parameters.

Editing existing video is also supported.

The plugin is very simple to install and use and works both in CKEditor and TinyMCE and also compatible with all CMSs using these editors.

The plugin uses the new YouTube v. 3 API for embedding videos.