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File Uploader plugin for Bootstrap Editor

This plugin provides a feature for Bootstrap Editor and Foundation Editor (Bootstrap Editor in Foundation mode).
The place of this plugin in Bootstrap Editor ecosystem can be found on Bootstrap Editor plugins page.

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File Uploader logo Bootstrap Editor logo

To install it please use the same plugin as for CKEditor into CKEditor Bootstrap Editor uses to edit content. Install CKEditor add-on there in the same way as any other plugin. It will share features to Bootstrap Editor, and you will have all features of current plugin in both editors.


In order to use functionality of File Uploader in Bootstrap Editor, take the version of the add-on for CKEditor and install it as usual to the CKEditor that is used by Bootstrap Editor. That's it. Bootstrap Editor will pick up the add-on on the fly thanks to the Nativia technology.

As a result of such installing, when you edit a grid column defined as the Image type, you can use all image uploading capabilities directly on the CKEditor toolbar. These buttons will also be available in CKEditor itself (Bootstrap Editor uses it to edit columns with arbitrary HTML content). In the future, features of File Uploader will be available from other parts of Bootstrap Editor too.

Where to install this plugin