This add-on is outdated.
You can continue using it, but for new users we recommend to consider installing File Uploader 2 plugin.
Easy Image Uploader
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Simple image uploads for your website. Only select files required to upload and insert into your CKEditor & TinyMCE document and they are being processed by this plugin without any questions.

Key features

  • Very simple images uploading
  • PHP and ASP.NET compatible
  • Multiple images upload is supported
  • Configurable allowed file types
  • Image may be resized for your needs

Despite this simplicity Easy Image Uploader plugin can be configured as you want. You can redefine HTML templates used for inserting code into editor.

If you need you can set resize options which will be used to change the size of uploaded images. The plugin can use maximum width or height and has an option not to resize small images to big (but this behavior can be turned off).

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CKEditor Easy Image Uploader overview screenshotTinymce Easy Image Uploader overview screenshot
Tinymce Easy Image Uploader in editor screenshot