This add-on is outdated.
You can continue using it, but for new users we recommend to consider installing File Uploader 2 plugin.
Easy Image Preview
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Inserting images' previews linked to original image is very simple with this plugin. Like Quick Image Preview plugin it can insert images into your document but does it faster and more simple.

You will only press the button on CKEditor's toolbar and select files in open dialog (multiple files select is still available), and they are being uploaded to the server.

The server side script will create small previews of configured site for them, and they will be inserted.

Key features

  • Very simple UI and installation
  • PHP and ASP.NET compatible
  • Multiple images upload is supported
  • Configurable allowed file types
  • Image and its preview may be resized for your needs
  • Ability to wrap images in a gallery

By default this preview will has a link to original image and automatically integrates with AJAX gallery scripts like LightBox or FancyBox, but you can change the template as you want.

Also if you would like to format all inserted images with wrapping them with some HTML code, you have this feature to. So maybe you want to show the uploaded images like a gallery (with grid), you will be able to do it.

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CKEditor Easy Image Preview overview screenshotTinymce Easy Image Preview overview screenshot
Tinymce Easy Image Preview using screenshot