This add-on is outdated.
You can continue using it, but for new users we recommend to consider installing File Uploader 2 plugin.
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The fastest and the simplest ever way to upload files to your server and insert them as links (with or without icon) into CKEditor & TinyMCE document.

With this add-on you can upload any types of files or limit them. You can also configure this plugin to insert a link to file only or link with download icon (or anything else, e. g. wrapping with div/table).

The plugin has no unnessesary dialogs, so you just select files in "Open files" dialog and they are being simply uploaded and inserted.

Key features

  • Very simple file uploads for CKEditor & TinyMCE
  • PHP and ASP.NET compatible.
  • Multiple file upload is supported.
  • Configurable allowed file types.
  • Any customizations of insertion template.

This plugin is the best solution for embedding into your website pages any kind of documents (doc/pdf/etc.), price lists (Excel or any other) and another files.

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