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Download CKEditor for Joomla v.2 & v. 3

Download this archive to install CKEditor into Joomla.

Download CKEditor for Joomla

v. 4.0.0, compatible with both Joomla 2.x and Joomla 3.x


Use standard installation procedure to install this component to your Joomla:

  • Go to your CMS administration panel (
  • Open Extensions → Manage → Install.
  • Click to the "Upload Package File" tab.
  • Select the downloaded file and press "Upload and Install" button.

Now plugin is installed. To enable it go to System → Global Configuration, and change "Default Editor" field value to "Editor-CKEditor".

That's all, CKEditor is installed and configured to use with Joomla. Try to open any of your articles and use full power of the CKEditor.