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To configure how Bootstrap Editor should behave, you can use a number of parameters passed as a key-value structure when the editor is invoked.
The way you pass parameters to the editor depends on what edition you use. Please refer to specific instructions to each edition: CKEditor, TinyMCE.

Show Blocks add-on

Settings of this plugin should be inside the jsplusShowBlocks parameter, for instance:

config.jsplusShowBlocks = {
    "enabledByDefault":  false,
    "addPaddings": true
}jsplusShowBlocks: {
    "enabledByDefault":  false,
    "addPaddings": true
enabledByDefault: boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
Sets if the plugin should be active by default. If set to true, during initialization of CKEditor or TinyMCE, the Show Blocks add-on button will be pressed, and all Bootstrap/Foundation blocks are highlighted. If set to false, you can activate the plugin manually by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar.
addPaddings: boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
If set to false, the plugin will not add additional paddings to the highlighted blocks. Adding paddings simplifies editing especially for empty blocks, but results in certain inaccuracies in content display.