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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When using Bootstrap Tools or Bootstrap Editor I get error in console:
Uncaught Error: Bootstrap's JavaScript requires jQuery. jQuery must be included before Bootstrap's JavaScript.

A: This error is not an error in fact, just an issue of asynchronous including JS files inside internal editor area (editable document of CKEditor or TinyMCE is a kind of iframe with own styles and scripts).
Anytime if you load Bootstrap dynamically (by any plugin for CKEditor/TinyMCE) you will have this message. This is a part of Bootstrap (not Bootstrap Editor/Bootstrap Tools) design, and unfortunately we unable to hide it.
Good news are that this message will not break anything. You can just ignore it.

Q: Where is Advanced Blocks add-on?

A: Advanced Blocks is legacy add-on and was replaced with Show Blocks add-on. All old features were moved to main CKEditor toolbar, so there is nothing to miss for. Documentation page for Advanced Blocks is being kept on the website for those users who still use this plugin.
We also have plans to return context menus to the plugin, but more cross-browser and cross-editor.

Q: Why I do not see Bootstrap Icons button on toolbar when using Bootstrap 4?

A: Bootstrap Icons add-on is compatible with Bootstrap 3 only due to they removed icons from Bootstrap 4.
That's why we include Font Awesome add-on inside Bootstrap Tools now. You can use these icons on your website with our add-on.

Q: When I use Bootstrap Tools in my control panel (admin pages) my theme becomes broken. Or the same with regular pages.

A: Probably you page which styles are being broken already includes Bootstrap itself and including it again (maybe even different version of it) messes up the styles. You need just to tell to Bootstrap Include add-on not to load Bootstrap to global document, but to keep including it into CKEditor content.

Here is a sample configuration for CKEditor:

config.jsplus_bootstrap_include = {
    includeCssToGlobalDoc: false,
    includeJsToGlobalDoc: false

You can read more technical details in article: Including Bootstrap/Foundation into CKEditor/TinyMCE