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Bootstrap Editor 2

A game changer in responsive content editing

Main features

Bootstrap Editor 2 delivers responsive editing of content on your website. Completely revamped, with even more features than ever before, it fulfils everything you lacked in the previous version.

Now the editor gives full control over content including column-by-column row editing and fine tuning for various resolutions. Plus the reworked plugin system.

Easily structure documents

Make your content easily readable by creating clear and understandable structure. While based on native Bootstrap Grid-system, it doesn't require content editors to understand all technical nuances. They simply organize content to rows and columns.

Ensure compatibility with any content

Effortlessly edit existing content of your website. Even if it was created with third-party software. Even if it has no Bootstrap markup at all. Just re-use it, no exceptions.

Edit visually

Your site's content manager does not have to be a coder or a designer. Let her edit the content as she used to, that is in the customary CKEditor which is the basic editor in Bootstrap Editor. Plus, there's a bunch of seamlessly integrated functions to boost her productivity.

Full view of Bootstrap Editor
Full-control your columns

Width, visibility, offset and order of columns - now you can change all of them using tools Bootstrap Editor has out-of-the-box.

Set content type

Choose a content type from the palette and assign it to the column. A range of plugins to comfortably configure different types of content - from YouTube video to Google maps - are planned.

Use CKEditor plugins

Or, more specifically, share them. For instance, if you install JS+ File Manager to CKEditor, the corresponding button will appear in the image settings dialog for columns of the corresponding type.

Edit column in Bootstrap Editor
Set column type
File manager attached

Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks

Bootstrap Editor is more than just an editor for Bootstrap. When it comes to responsive design, people mostly prefer Bootstrap, but there are a lot of fans of other frameworks too, and the most popular of them is Foundation.

So if you are looking for a Foundation editor, you are close. The best Foundation editor is Bootstrap Editor 2 working in the Foundation mode. With just one setting you switch the framework and the version you want to work with.
Despite the name Bootstrap Editor, we are talking about full compatibility here, not a limited support or a "compatibility mode". Bootstrap Editor completely support both frameworks.

CSS frameworks supported so far:

Bootstrap logo Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap logo Bootstrap 4
Foundation logo Foundation 5
Foundation logo Foundation 6


Plugin for classic editors

Continue using your editor: CKEditor or TinyMCE, Bootstrap Editor can integrate with them. You can select a block (or the entire document) and edit it in Bootstrap Editor 2. You invoke Bootstrap Editor to edit the structure of the page, while the texts are edited using the same old CKEditor.

CMS module

For some CMS such as Drupal 8, we offer Bootstrap Editor as a specially built module. Users of other CMS can install Bootstrap Editor as a plugin to CKEditor/TinyMCE.

JavaScript API
JavaScript widget itself and the API for it are available in many variants: from direct embedding to the page content, to fullscreen-mode editing based on the HTML-code sent. The last option is for those who needs extra flexibility while building Bootstrap Editor into their own product.