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Bootstrap Editor - block content editor for responsive websites

Lightweight component for popular CMSs or custom websites lets you the power to view and edit contents. Easy and featured.



Build your content block by block with Bootstrap scaffolding, add contents into them, shuffle the blocks and change their structure.


Mobile ready

Responsive Bootstrap or its simplified version (Litestrap) is built-in feature of the editor. Get right rendered grid on your pages with using Bootstrap Editor.

What is Litestrap?


Download and include into your Bootstrap Editor add-ons to customize your editor. Choose WYSIWYG plugins to let Bootstrap Editor handle different types of columns' content.


CKEditor inside Bootstrap Editor screenshot Use new comfortable structure editor with traditional CKEditor inside.

Where to use

CKEditor icon


Add-on for CKEditor web editor.

CKEditor plugin
TinyMCE icon


Add-on for TinyMCE web editor.

TinyMCE plugin


Plugin for the most popular blogging platform

Get WP plugin


One of the simplest CMSs has a plugin for easy Bootstrap Editor integration

Get Joomla extension

Your code

3-lines-of-code integration with your own website on custom core


Why to use

Because current WYSIWYG editors are to complicated and too flexible to let you create right content structure. They are visual but they require you to know HTML and Bootstrap to manage your structure.

In opposite Bootstrap Editor tries to provide tools for your website editor who wants to be concentrated on content only. All markup stuff is added transparently to him and reduces the chance to make a mistake.


Bootstrap Editor lets you choice what CSS styles for document to use.


The most popular framework which is used on a huge number of websites. Maybe you already use it. If Bootstrap is not a part of your template Bootstrap Editor is able to include it to the document automatically.


For people who think that Bootstrap is too heavy we prepared very very lightweight build of Bootstrap with only grid styles. No forms, buttons, scripts. Just content grid.

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How about traditional WYSIWYG editors like CKEditor or TinyMCE and a huge list of theirs features?

Well, they are good, more than good... if you are programmer. Some tricky things related to defining structure of content require switching to source code there. Sometimes they are not applicable if you want to give the system under the control of your content guy who does not know the word "HTML".

Bootstrap Editor will compensate this "con"s of traditional editors but will save all their "pro"s: you still can configure editor (CKEditor) of your blocks as you want. You can enable there as many plugins as you need. We know that probably you do not want to stop using some of them because there are many really amazing add-ons for them.

In other words Bootstrap Editor does not compete with CKEditor/TinyMCE, Bootstrap Editor for CKEditor is a tool multipliying its powers.
You will use them in tandem and will be able to flexibly configure them both.