JS+ File Manager

File Manager

Upload. Edit. Insert!
Formerly known as AlphaManager
  • CKEditor/TinyMCE integrations
  • JavaScript widget
  • 7 beautiful skins
  • Upload & download
  • Images editor inside

JS+ File Manager - the solution #1 for managing your files & images on your website.

Designed to be simple it has many features which are available to you in known way. You can upload multiple images at once, move them between directories, delete them, manage directories structure and all other abilities you expect file manage to has.

List of features

  • Uploading multiple files, drag'n'drop to browser is supported
  • Image editor
  • Includes a number of skins (themes)
  • Moving, copying and renaming files and directories (as an archive)
  • Showing files and images as list or as thumbnails
  • Images fullscreen preview
  • Download file and folders as ZIP archives
  • Quick file search (filter)
  • Hotkeys: full control using keyboard
  • Access control: disabling any feature on client and server sides
...and many more.


Can be installed everywhere

JS+ File Manager has simple API and can be called from any code. It can be used as JavaScript widget inside your CMS, editor or any other code easily.

Plugins for your editors

JS+ File Manager can be installed as add-on for popular web editors like CKEditor or TinyMCE. It also comes as plugin for Bootstrap Editor. Of course you can use it manually, but plugin for editors will do all integration work in autopilot mode. Just attach this plugin and it will work. The configuration of the plugin can be changed in standard way for chosen editor.


File Manager dialog screenshot
File Manager list mode screenshot
File Manager uploading screenshot
File types in File Manager screenshot
Renaming files in File Manager screenshot
Screenshot of Business skin in File Manager
Screenshot of Mono white skin in File Manager