Files & images manager for your website

#1 solution for managing files on your website. Upload images and files fast, edit images, see previews and use all typical file managers features.

Revolution tool for website content editing

Create good-structed articles for your website usging standard tools like CKEditor with help of scaffolding wraper.

40 icons to indicate file types in your apps

Available 90px and 24px sizes and in different colors.

The library for modal dialogs in web

Use simple messages and confirmation dialogs or create custom modal windows on your website. 6 visual themes, good API.

The biggest repository of CKEditor & TinyMCE add-ons

The plugins for famous online editors in one place. They will help you upload images, insert Google Maps and YouTube widgets into you document, backup editing articles etc.

Liteweight version of responsive Bootstrap CSS framework

Load you Bootstrap faster and without not needed features. Less than 1Kb!