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All of these plugins are already pre-installed to your Bootstrap Editor instance. Please check this page to know about new plugins which will be able to extend features list of your Bootstrap Editor. We have planned a lot of them.


This plugin allows using CKEditor to edit blocks with custom contents. The full-featured and most popular WYSIWYG editor is in your Bootstrap Editor installation.

Built in Bootstrap Editor

Plain Text

The add-on for simple editing of plain text without adding unnecessary formatting to your text.

Built in Bootstrap Editor


The plugin for assigning null (empty) contents to your columns.

Built in Bootstrap Editor


The plugin for simple inserting of an image to a column. Set the image URL and configure its view options like class, style and alt text. The image can be wrapped with the link referring to a custom URL.

Built in Bootstrap Editor

Powerful files & image uploader, catalogization tool with the image editor already inside.