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Simple editing

Extremely easy adding new content and modifying existing one is the key feature of Bootstrap Editor HTML editor. Use the "+" button to add new row and select needed configuration of columns. Use "⌘" button above the top right corner of each column to change column's type and attach according Bootstrap Editor add-on to it.

Did you ever ask yourself why you need to deal with heavyweight HTML editors just when you need to define articles structure and put the text inside? Now you are not the slave of your instruments, just try this demo: change this text, add columns and configure them and you see that the future of content editing is knocking in your door.

Both for geeks and for managers

Bootstrap Editor contains CKEditor inside which can be configured a lot as you need. It can be simple and office staff will easily create and modify articles on the website or you can add many useful plugins and it will have a features for real nerds who need very special features like source editing or inserting widgets.

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Start using Bootstrap Editor now!

We do not know what to tell you more: its pretty easy to understand all things on the fly.

Try this demo and install Bootstrap Editor onto your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal website or in custom framework application and it will work like a charm.

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