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Supports more than 90 languages

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Translate from any languages

More than 90 languages. Any to any

Translate from any to any of plugin languages. Please see our demo to check all available ones.

Accurate HTML processing

Accurate HTML processing

JS+ Translator works in HTML mode. It will translate selected fragment at once keeping its HTML structure.

Hot keys of translator

Hot Keys

Press Ctrl+Enter after selecting a text. Small but great feature for those who like a keyboard.

 On fly configuration of Translator

On fly configuration

You can configure add-on using a config file, but when you run it you can also change languages.

CKEditor add-on
TinyMCE add-on
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Translate your contents fast and easy with new Translator 2.0 add-on for CKEditor, TinyMCE and Bootstrap Editor. Our new plugin will let you translate from more than 90 world languages to any of another one.

The extension uses Yandex API to translate texts and it is fully free. You can use built-in default API key or create a new one to escape from daily symbols limit. Support of other APIs is planned.

Do not let your editors miss correct translations, install this add-on now.