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To configure CKEditor & TinyMCE Quick Image Uploader use these keys in config.js file (for CKEditor) or in initialization script (for TinyMCE).

jsplus_special_symbols: String
Default value: '0x0020-0x002F,x00A0-x02AF,4567-4569,a,b,c'
You can use multiple ranges or single charachters delimered with comma. All numbers must be decimal or hex. If they are hex, they must have "x" or "0x" prefix.
The full list of symbols and their codes is here: http://unicode-table.com
jsplus_special_symbols_use_dialog: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
You can use dialog or popup with these option.
Only for CKEditor.
jsplus_special_symbols_popup_width: Integer
Default value: 400
With this potion you can configure popup's (dropdown's) width.
jsplus_special_symbols_font_size: Integer
Default value: 16
For more comfortable symbols choosing you can set size of symbols inside plugin's dropdown menu or dialog.
jsplus_special_symbols_images_allowed: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: false, true
Is image generation is allowed. Only for PHP sites.
jsplus_special_symbols_images_by_default: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
Is image generation is set by default. Only for PHP sites.
jsplus_special_symbols_images_font_default: String
Default value: 'Arial'
Default font family for icons.
jsplus_special_symbols_images_font_size_default: Integer
Default value: 12
Default size for font icons.
jsplus_special_symbols_images_generator_url: String
Default value: URL
If you server-side script (inside plugin folder) is available by special URL, you can also define it. For example, 'http://yoursite.com/ckeditor/plugins/jsplus_special_symbol/gen.php'
jsplus_special_symbols_images_fonts: String
Default value: 'Universalia', 'YourFont'
Only for CKEditor.
If you want you can set the fonts available for image generaton. For doing it set the variable. Copy your font's TTF file into ckeditor folder in plugins/jsplus_special_symbols/fonts and modify server-side config in `gen.config.php` to have mapping for new font.
$config['fonts'] = array(
'Universalia' => 'fonts/Universalia.ttf',
'YourFont' => 'fonts/YourFont.ttf'

'Universalia' is built into the plugin free TTF font with full Unicode coverage, so in most of cases you do not need another font.

Another options in the server config are font color and font maximum size, they can be specified via setting $config['color'] array (RGB encoding) and $config['maxSize'].