This add-on is outdated.
You can continue using it, but for new users we recommend to consider installing File Uploader 2 plugin.
Rehost Image
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To configure CKEditor Easy Image Uploader use these keys in config.js file.

jsplus_rehost_image_uploader_url: URL
Default value: auto detection
Set this URL to specify location of images uploader manually. This option affects to all JS+ uploader add-ons.
jsplus_rehost_image_template: HTML
Default value: <img src="{IMAGE}" />
{IMAGE} part will be substituted automatically on image insertion.
NB! Always use root wrap element in template. If you do not need one, wrap it with.
jsplus_rehost_image_img_resize_show: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
You can configure image resize panel visibility, its default values or both. It means you can turn off this feature or let user to specify resize width & height or define target width & height yourself and hide these options.
If you want to hide the panel at all, choose parameter true.
jsplus_rehost_image_default_img_resize: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: false, true
Turns on or off feature to resize images doing upload.
Also you can change default values of the options on resizing panel. Note that even when panel is hidden (using previous parameter set to true) these values still affect to resizing of images.
jsplus_rehost_image_default_img_resize_width: Integer
Default value: 800
The width for uploaded images. If image has another width it will use this value as constraint.The height for uploaded images. If image has another height it will use this value as constraint.
jsplus_rehost_image_default_img_resize_height: Integer
Default value: 600
The height for uploaded images. If image has another height it will use this value as constraint.
jsplus_rehost_image_default_img_resize_enlarge: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
This parameter acts as a flag that says to server side uploaded script is resizing required when source size is less than target. It is turned off by default.
jsplus_rehost_image_allowed_ext: String
Default value: 'jpg,jpeg,gif,png,bmp,tif,tiff'
Available values: The list of file extensions, comma separated
These are default values for this parameter. You can change them as you want or set it to * to allow all file types.
Do not forget to configure file types on server side too ('jsplus_uploader/config.php').
jsplus_rehost_image_ui: String
Default value: 'singleline'
You can disable feature of multiple uploads. Specify this parameter to apply this UI modification.
If you want to return to standard bulk upload (rehost) interface comment/remove this line or use string multiline as parameter's value.