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What is Litestrap

Litestrap is extremely lightweight version of Bootstrap CSS Framework

Bootstrap is very good, except cases when you need to embed to your website something not heavy and quickly downloadable by browser. Really, the most of the times you need only the structure (scaffolding) from wide Bootstrap's features list.

For this we have done our own compilation of Bootstrap and called it Litestrap.

This website is built with using Litestrap. As you can see all adaptive markup features are working fine.

What Litestrap contains

Its very short list of really needed features:

  • Blocks for all sizes
    Classes: col-xs-*, col-sm-*, col-md-*, col-lg-*
    The basics of Litestrap.
  • Containers
    Classes: container, container-fluid
    Two classes (equal to each other) to wrap your rows with container.
  • Responsive image class
    Class: img-responsive
    Very common class, we were unable to omit it.
  • Clearfix
    Class: clearfix
    Popular class, automatically applied to containers and rows.

What Litestrap does NOT contains

In two words - anything else. You can be sure that it does not includes:

  • Scripts
  • Offsets for columns
  • Buttons
  • Tabs
  • Carousels
  • Progress bars
  • Icons
  • other Bootstrap widgets