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Multiple images uploading

Multiple images uploading

The add-on was created for this purpose. It simplifies multiple images uploading. After gallery is inserted you can easily upload new images and they are being inserted with gallery's style into the selected gallery.

Easily stylization gallery

Your own stylization

The plugin has flexible customization features. You can easy configure images' template or gallery's wrapping HMTL code. Read more on the Configuration page.

Image Gallery
CKEditor add-on
TinyMCE add-on
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Image Gallery is an add-on to CKEditor, TinyMCE and Bootstrap Editor that works along with File Uploader and allows it to load a list of file and organize them as a gallery. The add-on adds on more preset to your loader and new parameters to configure.

The plugin is simple to install and does not have any dependencies except File Uploader. It also does not require any specific configuration. To insert a gallery, a responsive HTML template perfectly displaying the gallery on various devices is enabled by default. If your website has Lightbox, Fancybox or any other image viewing script, it will be automatically linked to your galleries.