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Please use this format of configuration for CKEditor and TinyMCE when you pass configuration as parameter to initialization function:

jsplusImageEmbed: {
    isMultiple: true,
    template: "<img src='{DATA}' alt='{NAME} image'>"

or this format when you set configuration inside config.js file in CKEditor:

config.jsplusImageEmbed = {
    isMultiple: true,
    template: "<img src='{DATA}' alt='{NAME} image'>"


isMultiple: boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
If you set this value to false the open files dialog will allow only single file selection.
acceptTypes: string
Default value: "image/*"
Specify MIME types of accepted files. For example you can limit image only with GIF types by setting acceptTypes: "image/gif". This feature is not supported not by all browsers.
template: string
Default value: "<img src='{DATA}' alt='{NAME} icon'>"
Specify HMTL template for insertion in this parameter. Please see the list of available substitutable variables below.

Template variables

{DATA}Encoded data of the selected image.
{FILENAME}Full name with extension of selected file.
{NAME}File name without extension.
{NAME_LC}The same as {NAME} but in the lower case.
{NAME_LC_C}The same as {NAME_LC} but with the first symbol capitalization.
{EXT}Extension of selected file (without dot).
{TYPE}MIME type of the file.
{SIZE}Size of the file in bytes.
{SIZE_HUMAN}Approximate size of the file in human format (e. g. 16Kb or 2Mb)