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Server side support

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Crop tool


Crop photo to one of specified aspect ratios or let user select custom crop zone via UI

Resize tool


Use pixel-by-pixel control with maintaining pixel aspect ratio to adjust an image to the exact dimensions you need

Draw tool

Drawing mode

Drawing tool has multiple brush types, colors and more

Add text tool

Add text to images

Text tool has hundreds of Google fonts included, and you can add your custom fonts

Filter tool

Apply multiple image filters

Image Editor has many built in filters like grayscale, blur, black & white, vintage and more

Shapes and stickers

Shapes and stickers

Objects can be easily moved, resized, deleted and modified by changing their color, adding shadow, background and more

Patterns and gradients

Patterns and Gradients

All objects can be filled in with many built in or custom patterns and gradients

Save image

Saving mode

Modified image can be easily saved and load thanks to collaboration by Image Editor with JS+ Uploader

In archive

This is an archive version of Image Editor v.1

New v.2 version

Image Editor
CKEditor add-on
TinyMCE add-on
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JS+ Image Editor is the add-on for popular WYSIWYG online editors (CKEditor and TinyMCE) which lets you modify images uploaded onto your website.

It helps you to prepare images for publishing on your website: resize and crop them, rotate and write text over them, apply different image filters and use other handy tools.

Image Editor v. 2 now supports many different server sides (because of use uploader from File Uploader) and became more secure as far all editing is done on your side, finally modern browsers give us such features.