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Install HTML Tools to CKEditor

  1. Unpack archived files directly to ckeditor/plugins.
  2. Turn on the plugin in ckeditor/config.js:
    config.extraPlugins = 'jsplusTranslator,jsplus_backup,jsplus_edit_tag,jsplus_html';
  3. Add these buttons to the toolbar definition:
    • jsplusTranslator
      Run translation
    • jsplusTranslatorReverse
      Reverse translation direction
    • jsplusTranslatorConf
      Open settings dialog
    • jsplus_html
      Insert HMTL snippet
    • jsplus_edit_tag
      Edit selected tag
    • jsplus_backup_save
      Create new snapshot
    • jsplus_backup_load
      Browse and load snapshots
    See sample CKEditor toolbar configuration to find out more about this step.
  4. Now you can use your installed plugins. Do not forget to sure that browser cache was cleared.