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JS+ CKEditor & TinyMCE Google Maps can be configured to fit your needs. To do this please edit config.js file it you use CKEditor edition or your initializarion script in the case of TinyMCE.

jsplus_maps_api_key: String
Required. Please get browser API key at Google API Manager and include these services to it: "Google Maps JavaScript API" and "Google Static Maps API". Then set this parameter with retrieved API key. Currently the add-on and Google Maps widget on your website work even without API key, but Google've already announced that new websites will not work without it.
jsplus_maps_mode: String
Default value: widget
Available values: widget, image, image_with_data
Defines the object will be inserted into result page. widget means Google Maps interactive widget. If you choose image or image_with_data static image preview will be the result object (like the preview in the editor), "image_with_data" here means that you will be able to edit map again even after saving it to the database (will require to add a couple of attributes to the tag). Change this value only when you need to insert map as an image (for example you need to send map via e-mail and worry about e-mail clients can block interactive widgets). Note that the most of map objects can not be rendered on the final image (this is Google Static Maps API limitation). TinyMCE only.
jsplus_maps_width: Integer
Default value: 400
Width of the map area in pixels which will be inserted to the document.
jsplus_maps_height: Integer
Default value: 320
Height of the map area in pixels which will be inserted to the document.
jsplus_maps_default_x: X Coordinate part
Default value: -25.363882
The X coordinate for centering map on the dialog open.
jsplus_maps_default_y: Y Coordinate part
Default value: 131.044922
The Y coordinate for centering map on the dialog open.
jsplus_maps_default_zoom: Integer
Default value: 4
Available values: 1..8
Default map zoom.
jsplus_maps_auto_scaling_on_search: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
By default Google Maps add-on will change zoom level when user searches some object. The map will try to fit to found object for your comfort. It you do not need this feature just set this key to false.