File Type Icons
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File Types Icons pack

If you need to illustrate file formats on your website or embed these icons in your application (web, mobile, etc.), this icons pack was designed right for that.

You can place images as download icons, as descriptions to articles or as buttons in your applications. The file format icons pack goes in different colors (and you can create your own one) and in two sizes: big (90x65px) and small (24x17px).

90px icons

90x65px icons:

  • 3ds/max file
  • Pdf file
  • ASP.NET file
  • Sh/bash konsole
  • Power Point file
  • XML file
  • Configurations file
  • CPP file
  • CSS file
  • SQL/DB file
  • EXE/COM file
  • FB2, DJVU file
  • Flac/ape file
  • Flash file
  • HTACCESS file
  • HTMl file
  • PNG file
  • JAR/WAR file
  • JAVA file
  • JS file
  • Key/crt/pgp file
  • Link file
  • Log file
  • MIDI file
  • Mp3 file
  • PHP file
  • Graphics
  • Python file
  • Ruby file
  • Script file
  • Subtitle file
  • Svg file
  • Table
  • Torrent file
  • Text file
  • Unknown file
  • Url file
  • Video file
  • Word file
  • Zip file archive


Here is a list of colors included to distribution. Of course you can change color to any you want manually, but these 18 variants are already saved for you.

Palette of File Types Icons pack

24px icons

All these icons are 24x17px:

File Types Icons small