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To configure CKEditor & TinyMCE Quick Image Uploader use these keys in config.js file (for CKEditor) or in initialization script (for TinyMCE).

jsplus_breadcrumbs_separator: String
Default value:
Text for delimer which separates the elements.

CSS classes

The view of breadcrumbs is undecorated by default but you can change it adding CSS classes to your stylesheets. To do it Breadcrumbs plugin was designed to add important classed into inserted elements' declaration. Here is the list of them:
jsplus_breadcrumbs - the class of the whole breadcrumbs element. Assigned to <ol> element.
jsplus_breadcrumbs_current - the class for element marked as current.

You can also use custom selectors to style other elements. For example this CSS selector will let you style every breadcrumbs' element:
.doksoft_breadcrumbs li.