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Foundation Include CSS/JS plugin Foundation Show Blocks plugin Foundation Advanced Blocks plugin Foundation Block Configuration plugin Foundation Icons plugin Foundation Templates plugin Foundation Button plugin Foundation Image Gallery plugin Foundation Label plugin Foundation Alert plugin Foundation Move Column plugin Foundation Move Row plugin Foundation Delete Column plugin Foundation Delete Row plugin Foundation Breadcrumbs plugin Foundation Add Row plugin
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Install Foundation Tools plugin to TinyMCE

Note. By default TinyMCE stripes out some tags and attributes. Please add this option to your initialization script:
extended_valid_elements : "div[*],span[*],i[*]",
  1. Unpack archived files directly to tinymce/plugins.
  2. Turn on the plugin in initialization script:
    plugins: 'jsplus_foundation_include,jsplus_foundation_show_blocks,jsplus_foundation_block_conf,jsplus_foundation_templates,jsplus_foundation_button,jsplus_foundation_gallery,jsplus_foundation_breadcrumbs,jsplus_foundation_label,jsplus_alert,jsplus_foundation_col_move_left,jsplus_foundation_col_move_right,jsplus_foundation_row_move_up,jsplus_foundation_row_move_down,jsplus_foundation_col_delete,jsplus_foundation_row_delete'
  3. Add these buttons to toolbar definition:
    See TinyMCE toolbar configuration manual to find out more about this step.
  4. Now you can use your installed plugins. Do not forget to sure that browser cache was cleared.