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Bootstrap Advanced Blocks

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More powerful version of Bootstrap Show Blocks add-on, which helps you to modify the content. Recommended for advanced users. For CKEditor only.

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Plugin name: jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks
Button name: jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks


jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks_enabled_by_default: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
The plugin will be turned on if this option is set to true
jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks_use_buttons: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
Setting this option to false will remove any "+" and "x" buttons from blocks and the restrict features of the add-on features (it will just highlight blocks).
If you need to set this option to true we recommend you better to use Bootstrap Show Blocks add-on.
jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks_min_div_height: Integer
Minimal height of highlighted blocks in pixels. Useful when some of your blocks are too small.
jsplus_bootstrap_advanced_blocks_min_div_width: Integer
Minimal width in pixels of the displayed blocks.
Warning: this option will broke your markup (some of blocks may become too wide and inline div blocks will start wrapping to a new line).


CKEditor Bootstrap Advanced Blocks screenshot
CKEditor Bootstrap Advanced Blocks inserting tag screenshot
CKEditor Bootstrap Advanced Blocks inserting code screenhot