JS+ for Enterprise

You are reading this lines because you organization is rather big and needs something special? You are always welcome: JS+ offers you a list of services that your company may need.

Custom products improvements

Our products were designed to have maximum flexibility and usually can be configured a lot. But sometimes you need some features e. g. for correct integration with your application or website.

We can make one time changes to a product or have long time contract with you which will include creating and supporting a private branch of a product with private access.

Visual theme adoption

The JS+ products sometimes has a number of themes included into it but your company resource may own color scheme or icons set

We offer you adoption of visual theme or creating new one especially for you.

Support and documentation

Much of information is already available for free for you. If you need some more details for your developers we can cooperate with them and share our expertise in web software.

This service may be closely related with custom development.


Detailed consultations about deploying and support of our and 3-rd parties' products in your company.

Get a quote

Contact us describing your needs mailing us to enterprise@js.plus.

Our typical rates are from $50/hour, minimum 50 hours.