JS+ level up

For a long time we, in JS+ (ex DOKSoft) specialized in creating addons to WYSIWYG text editors for web such as CKEditor and TinyMCE.
During this period we managed to create a lot of useful extensions many websites gladly adopted. We wrote our own content editor - Bootstrap Editor, and we are pleased with the warmness it was accepted.
Nevertheless, we are moving forward. Now it's time for the next step.

We are talking about serious changes in the development process of our products, their architecture and testing, as well as user support.
What does it all mean for you? Treat the below as our plans for the next year, and the overall development vector we chose.

  1. Module architecture.
    Architecture is a groundwork for all our software products. During last half a year, the development team worked mostly on the internal architecture creating our own internal SDK we gradually transfer all our products to. All products will eventually be unified in terms of the user interface as well as in terms of what they have under the hood. Aside from integration with CKEditor and TinyMCE, they all will be interconnected with each other, and also offer an API for those who would like to use them separately, without the editor, or to embed to their own product.

  2. Development.
    As we extend our library of modules, we will continue enhancing older products and creating new ones. The first shot is revamped and improved Bootstrap Editor 2: if you liked its predecessor, you'll surely love the new version too. Take a closer look at it: the vast number of functions and dialogs of this editor will be available as separate addons to CKEditor and TinyMCE, and as JavaScript components for your own applications.

  3. Reliability.
    The key factor here is migration to TypeScript and automated tests for all components that can be tested automatically. As for the code that cannot be tested with other code, we create test-plans and verify stability of operation manually to guard our users from the majority if possible errors.

  4. Up-to-date'ness.
    And a few words more on TypeScript. If you know JavaScript, you are aware of limitations this de facto mandatory instrument puts to client-side development. TypeScript that became quite popular in recent years and still attracts new apologists offers additional capabilities, most importantly, better readability of programs, more convenient development of architecture and compile-time error checking.
    For companies that develop their own solutions we will offer our TypeScript components along with the API to use them in the code. If you still use JavaScript, no changes for you: you will have your JavaScript API. Surely, we will supply API documentation - automatically generated based on our code with informative comments(JSDoc).

  5. Transparency.
    From what's said above you can grasp the idea of what is coming. We will further inform you about all upcoming changes, provide documentation and articles, and will be very grateful for your feedback. it is your feedback that shapes many changes we made to our products.

We see that many of our clients' projects become successful. We think straightforwardness and functionality of these products are a key to this success. And we are very glad to be part of this success by creating components that greatly expands capabilities of websites and applications. Thank you for choosing JS+.