File and Image uploader plugins FAQ

Q: Are there any differences between PHP and ASP.NET versions?

A: No, they are fully equal. Does not matter what version you want, just purchase this product and you will have uploader of both two PHP and ASP.NET versions.

Q: I am unable to upload file using the plugin

A:Please check this items:

  • Use error message (if it exists) to localize the problem.
  • Check upload directory permissions on your server (``ckeditor/jsplus_uploader/user_files`` by default) are set to ``755``.
  • Check URL to upload script in your CKEditor's config.js are correctly defined.
  • Check path to upload directory in your Upload plugin (if you changed it).
  • Check error messages in your browser's debug console.

Q: URLs are correct, file uploads to server, but then I have this error in PHP error.log:

[27-Jan-2013 14:20:18] PHP Warning: move_uploaded_file(/path/to/file/uploaded_file.png) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /path/to/ckeditor/plugins/jsplus_uploader/uploader.php on line 55

A: This is your server's confuguration problem. It may be caused in these cases:

You temporary (usually tmp) directory for uploads in not writable by web-server. Check folder's permissions and its existence. The path to folder is defined in php.ini. Check it too.
You have restricted PHP for uploading files (by size, or at all). Check your php.ini configuration file.
If there is no problems with temporary folder permissions and php.ini options, check your .htaccess files, which could overload php.ini options.

Q: How to troubleshot plugin problems?

A: First to be sure you config paths are correct, check that your browser really calls Uploader script. Use Google Chrome "Network" tab to check its response. Maybe it returns any error and you have to fix it, or it page could not call it and you must change paths in your config.js.

Than to debug uploader works fine you must check errors in your web-server log (for example /var/log/apache/error.log).

Check that you have correctly configured web-server's temporary directory, and web-server can write to it. In other case you'll have $_FILES['upload']['error']==6 and script unables to get a file uploaded.

We also have big debugging manual, please see it too.