CKEditor Image/File Upload plugins multieditor ability and support of additional parameters

We have improved our image/file upload plugins for CKEditor.

At first now they fully support multieditor environment. Sometimes you need to integrate two or more CKEditors in on page. And all of them must have image/file upload abilities.

For example you have Drupal and one of your content type has two text field managed with CKEditor widget. It is exactly what our add-ons support right now. Of cause you may have another CMS or site with custom code: it does not matter, all will work fine since now.

At second now you can pass additional parameters to the uploader script. It does not needed for uploader itself but you may have your custom server code requires to receive additional GET variables from the client part. Now you can redefine doksoft_uploader_url variable not only as path to script, now you can include parameters into it.

For example (in config.js):

config.doksoft_uploader_url = '/ckeditor/plugins/doksoft_uploader/uploader.php?param1=value1&m2=value2';

Also you still can omit custom parameters or this URL declaration at all (plugins will use default URL as it was before).

List of updated plugins: