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CKEditor & TinyMCE Quick File Uploader plugin is the best solution for quick uploading files. You click on plugin's icon, choose file and it uploads immediatly and inserts as link with image to uploaded file.

No web file managers or another complicated stuff is used. For example you will NOT need CKFinder, this plugin is its lightweight alternarive. Just select file and insert it. It is the best solution for letting access to your site content managers and users who want to attach files to their posts or articles.

Maybe you already used before our Quick Image Uploader plugin: current plugin uses similar interface and maybe installed rightly in the same way.

CKEditor & TinyMCE Quick File Uploader plugin consists of:

  1. File upload plugin. The plugin you will use in your editor.
  2. Universal uploader plugin. Upload script without interface, fully compatable with CKFinder upload protocol (PHP & ASP.NET compatible)
ckeditor iconCKEditor 4 compatible
tinymce iconTinyMCE 4 compatible
CKEditor Quick File Uploader dialog screenshotTinyMCE Quick File Uploader dialog screenshot
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