Joomla Flexicontent Related Items lets you ability to render related items on page with currently displayed item.

NB! Use FlexiContent version >= 2.0.1 only. Versions 2.0.0 and older have bugs critical to current plugin functionality.

Joomla Flexicontent Related Items could be inserted in any place of Flexicontent template in the same way as others, and has right the same options list as FlexiContent standard Related Items does. But it does not display read more link, but renders and displays related item or items.

For example you have a site with music catalog. On the page with music album you can render track list and artist at one moment. To do this in FlexiContent you are to have item types:

  1. Track item type
  2. Artist item type
  3. Album item type with fields:
    • Tracks of field type JSPLUS Related Items
    • Artist of field type JSPLUS Related Items

If you used Drupal ever, you know how it works. It equals to Drupal built-in CCK feature to display node (item) linked with another node (item).

This site made with using this plugin. For example software boxes on this page are Software Item as value of according JSPLUS Related Item field in Software Article type (item of this type you are currently viewing).


Joomla Flexicontent Related Items  screenshot