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CKEditor & TinyMCE Font Awesome is simple but powerful plugin which will let you to insert Font Awesome icons into your document.

Choose one of 400+ icons and configure their color and size.

If you do not have Font Awesome installed on your server (and do not want to do it), the plugin supports inserting a bitmap version of any symbols (with any color and size). This feature requires PHP &  GD image library.

CKEditor & TinyMCE Icons can be fully configured: set any default font and color, all checkboxes' default state. Also you can hide bitmap conversion feature at all if you do not require it.

ckeditor iconCKEditor 4 compatible
tinymce iconTinyMCE 4 compatible
CKEditor Font Awesome overview screenshotTinyMCE Font Awesome overview screenshot
TinyMCE Font Awesome inline screenshot