Install Bootstrap Widgets to TinyMCE

  1. Unpack archived files directly to tinymce/plugins.
  2. Turn on the plugin in initialization script:
    plugins: 'jsplusInclude,jsplus_bootstrap_alert,jsplus_bootstrap_breadcrumbs,jsplus_bootstrap_button,jsplus_bootstrap_gallery,jsplus_bootstrap_icons,jsplus_bootstrap_badge,jsplus_bootstrap_label,jsplus_font_awesome'
  3. Add these buttons to the toolbar definition:
    • jsplus_bootstrap_button
      Inserting and editing button
    • jsplus_bootstrap_icons
      Inserting an icon (Bootstrap 3 only)
    • jsplus_bootstrap_label
      Inserting text styled as label
    • jsplus_bootstrap_badge
      Insert a badge
    • jsplus_bootstrap_breadcrumbs
      Navigation links
    • jsplus_bootstrap_alert
      Inserting text message
    • jsplus_bootstrap_gallery
      Upload images and insert as gallery
    • jsplus_font_awesome
      Insert Font Awesome icon
    See sample TinyMCE toolbar configuration manual.
  4. Now you can use your installed plugins. Do not forget to sure that browser cache was cleared.

Minimal configuration

Please set configuration for the plugin by specifying these parameters:

jsplusInclude: {
	framework: "b4" // or "b3"