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Foundation Include CSS/JS plugin Foundation Show Blocks plugin Foundation Advanced Blocks plugin Foundation Block Configuration plugin Foundation Icons plugin Foundation Templates plugin Foundation Button plugin Foundation Image Gallery plugin Foundation Label plugin Foundation Alert plugin Foundation Move Column plugin Foundation Move Row plugin Foundation Delete Column plugin Foundation Delete Row plugin Foundation Breadcrumbs plugin Foundation Add Row plugin
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Software in the bundle

Common plugins

Helps you to embed Foundation styles to your document. Lets ability to set correct positions and sizes of all Foundation elements on the page.

Grid plugins

Highlighting Foundation blocks borders for easy access to them.
More features version of Show Blocks add-on, which will feet advanced users' needs. For CKEditor only.
Configure existing grid structure by selecting blocks and configuring their sizes and visibility options with help of the dialog.
Quick access to row/columns templates: the easiest creating grid structure ever.
Moving selected Foundation columns left and right.
Moving selected Foundation row up and down.
Instant removing selected Foundation column.
Simple deleting selected Foundation row.
Insert new row with columns structure (choose one of many templates) above or below currently selected row.


Uploading images and inserting a gallery adopted for Foundation framework grid. Resize and preview features are available.
Simple plugin for inserting small labels standard for Foundation.
Insert a navigation area to highlight your visitors their current place on the website with standard breadcrumbs element.
Foundation has own styles for displaying links as buttons. Use them with visual button builder. Edit button feature is also supported.
Insert Foundation style information, warning or other messages.
The add-on for inserting icons from Foundation Font pack.

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