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Foundation Label

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Simple plugin for inserting small labels standard for Foundation.

ckeditor iconCKEditor 4 compatible
tinymce iconTinyMCE 4 compatible

Plugin name: jsplus_foundation_label
Button name: jsplus_foundation_label


jsplus_foundation_label_default_style: String
Default value: empty
Available values: (empty), secondary, success, warning, alert
Default visual style (color) for new label.
jsplus_foundation_label_default_corners: String
Default value: radius
Available values: none, radius, rounded
Default style for corners of new label. Due to Foundation has not built in styles for label corners, all values differs from radius will be represented in style of inserted HTML element.
jsplus_foundation_label_default_title: String
Default value: New
Default text for the title of new Foundation label.


CKEditor Foundation Tools Label plugin screenshotTinyMCE Foundation Tools Label plugin screenshot