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Bootstrap Icons

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Helps you to choose and insert Bootstrap icon into your document.

ckeditor iconCKEditor 4 compatible
tinymce iconTinyMCE 4 compatible

Plugin name: jsplus_bootstrap_icons
Button name: jsplus_bootstrap_icons


jsplus_bootstrap_icons_default_size: Integer
Default value: 24
Sets default icon size in the dialog.
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_default_color: Color (String)
Default value: #000
Default value for color in the dialog.
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_default_add_size_to_style: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
Default state of checkbox 'Add to style' for size. ``true`` means checked.
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_default_add_color_to_style: Booelan
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
Default state of checkbox 'Add to style' for color. ``true`` means checked.
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_default_use_bitmap: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
Checkbox 'Insert as a bitmap' will be checked by default if this parameter is set to ``true``.
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_images_generator_url: URL (String)
Default value: Auto detected URL
By default is icons generator URL will be automaticall detected by this add-on.
If there is some specific URL routing configuration on your website, please specify this parameter to has full URL of PHP script for creating a bitmaps (included into a plugin).
jsplus_bootstrap_icons_bitmap_allowed: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
If you want to totally disable the feature of generating bitmaps and hide according checkbox set this option to ``false``. That can be helpful if your server does not support PHP (and can not run bitmap generator) or when you always want to use font glyphicons.


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