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Bootstrap Button

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Bootstrap has own styles for displaying links as buttons. Use them with visual buttons builder. Button/link editing feature is also supported.

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Plugin name: jsplus_bootstrap_button
Button name: jsplus_bootstrap_button


jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_style: String
Default value: btn-primary
Available values: btn-default, btn-primary, btn-success, btn-info, btn-warning, btn-danger, btn-link
Default type of the button in the dialog.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_size: String
Default value: empty
Available values: btn-xs, btn-sm, (empty), btn-lg
Default size for the buttons.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_tag: String
Default value: a
Available values: a, input, button
Default tag for new button.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_link: URL (String)
Default value: http://
Default URL for href of the button.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_input_type: String
Default value: button
Available values: button, submit, cancel
Default type for buttons representated with <input> tag.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_enabled: Boolean
Default value: true
Available values: true, false
Default state of enabled flag in the dialog.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_width_100: Boolean
Default value: false
Available values: true, false
Default state of "Width 100%" checkbox.
jsplus_bootstrap_button_default_text: String
Default value: Download
Default text on the button.


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