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Bootstrap Table Tools module for Drupal 8

Find more detailed illustrated instruction with examples here: Installation CKEditor plugins in Drupal 8

JS+ CKEditor plugins themselves can be installed to any CMS or framework you want. But for Drupal 8 all the add-ons need to be wrapped with Durpal compatible module.

We've prepared such modules. They will help you manage JS+ CKEditor add-ons inside CKEditor: to add/remove new plugins buttons to toolbar and change all the options using UI in the administrator panel.

If you are on purchase step, please choose CKEditor edition of the add-ons. Drupal modules are available on this page for free and will work fine in pair with CKEditor plugins.

  1. Download and install Drupal 8 modules:
  2. Copy following CKEditor/TinyMCE add-ons (not Drupal 8 modules) into library folder:
    jsplus_bootstrap_include, jsplus_bootstrap_table_tools
    If this folder does not exist in the root of your Drupal installation, create it.
  3. Go to AdministrationConfigurationContent authoring and build the toolbar with new buttons.
  4. Uncheck checkbox "Limit allowed HTML tags and correct faulty HTML". Or create your own list of permitted tags below to satisfy all plugins you use.
CKEditor Bootstrap Table Tools configuration in Drupal 8
Creating new article using CKEditor Bootstrap Table Tools in Drupal 8