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Manage tables, columns and cells taking into account Bootstrap specific.
Essential tools and widgets for Bootstrap.

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Helps you to attach Bootstrap styles to your document, so they will be displayed with appropriate sizes and positions defined by Bootstrap CSS.

Grid plugins

Visually shows structure of Bootstrap elements: containers, rows and columns.
More powerful version of Bootstrap Show Blocks add-on, which helps you to modify the content. Recommended for advanced users. For CKEditor only.
Configure existing grid structure by selecting blocks and configuring their sizes and visibility options with help of the dialog.
Quick access to row/columns templates: the easiest way for creating grid structure ever.
Moving selected Bootstrap columns left and right.
Moving selected Bootstrap row up and down.
Select Bootstrap column and delete it in one click.
Deleting selecting Bootstap row using toolbar button.
The add-on for inserting new row above or below to selected one. You can choose columns structure from different templates.


Bootstrap has own styles for displaying links as buttons. Use them with visual buttons builder. Button/link editing feature is also supported.
Helps you to choose and insert Bootstrap icon into your document.
The plugin will upload selected images to the server and show them as a gallery with using Bootstrap responsive columns.
Small notifier for website visitors: the badge showing some number.
Insert Bootstrap label to highlight information on your page
Showing navigation status for website visitor using standard Bootstrap widget.
Notifying user using alert messages placed in the text. Info, warning and other types of Bootstrap alerts are available.

Tables plugins

Creating a table in two clicks just by choosing number of columns and rows. You can also specify Bootstrap styles and use additional classes or styles.
Great instrument for managing table's styles, classes and attributes. Get full control of your table.

Columns plugins

Configuring column's cells classes, styles and attribute at once. You can set text or vertical align in a column with this add-on.
This feature was omitted in standard plugins, this plugin will fix it.
Add column to the left or to the right after selecting another column.
Easily select and delete the column with help of toolbar button.

Row plugins

Configure "tr" HTML tag to apply new styles to a table's row.
Quick moving selected row to the up or to the down.
You can add a new row above or below of the selected one.
Select row and delete it in one click.

Cell plugins

Aimed changing of cell's display mode by editing styles and classes with using comfortable dialog.
You can insert new cells in the table with two buttons of this plugin
Select & delete unused cell.
Three add-ons for merged cells: with neighbors or just selected cells together.
Vertical or horizontal splitting of cells is available with these two plugins.



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