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Installing CKEditor to WordPress

Here is a quick step by step guide on installing CKEditor on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Get CKEditor

Login to your WordPress administration dashboard. Go to the Plugins section and select Add New.

WordPress administration dashboard screenshot

This will open the plugin installer dialog. Type ‘ckeditor’ in to the search box to quickly locate the plugin:

Search  CKEditor In the  plugin installer dialog screenshot

Step 2: Install CKEditor to WordPress

Click the Install Now button and wait for the process to finish.

Install CKEditor to WordPress screenshot

Click the Activate Plugin link when it’s done.

Activation plugin screenshot

CKEditor is installed to WordPress. Now, you can edit your posts using this tool:

First use CKEditor screenshot

Step 3: Install plugins to CKEditor

Please refer to corresponding plugin installation guides if you need to install some add-on to CKEditor. Specific to WordPress are two things:

  1. The path on your server where you should upload CKEditor plugins is:
    Here, %wordpress% is the directory where WordPress is installed to.
  2. CKEditor for WordPress provides a convenient visual way to edit config.js when you customize CKEditor or install plugins to it. Here is how you can modify config.js. Go to the CKEditor section in the left-side menu of your WordPress administration. Select File Editor:
    Configuration files CKEditor screenshot
    This opens up an editor where you add any parameters you would otherwise define by directly editing the config.js file. So, whenever in a JS+ plugin installation guide you read “edit config.js” and you are using WordPress – know that you can use the built-in possibility to do this. Note, that you can also edit templates and styles here.