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Big Add-ons Bundle is a set of JS+ products containing 40 items.
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HTML Widgets: insert maps, video, icons and much more.
All JS+ tools to upload, catalog and edit files and images.
All the tools you need to insert and edit tables, rows, columns, cells and styles.

Products inside

Files & Images

Enjoy wide choice of tools to edit, cut and resize images.
Upload images to the server and resize at the place.
Upload a picture and insert a preview to the site. Compatible with LightBox and other viewers.
Upload a file to the server and insert a customized link to it to the page.
Massively upload images, resize to one size and insert as a gallery to the page.
Upload and insert images in a few clicks.
Upload and insert an image preview in literally two clicks. Compatible with ShadowBox and other viewers.
Instantly upload a file and insert a link to it to the page.
Embed images and icons to a page without uploading to the server.
Upload an image from another server by URL and insert it to the content of your own site.
Upload a file from another server by URL and insert a link to it to the page.

Widgets plugins

Place objects onto Google Maps and insert the map as a widget to your website.
Search for a video and insert it to the page as you specify.
Insert a styled button-link to your website. Use one of the templates, or create your own design.
This table of special characters allows inserting symbols as text or image to the content of the site.
A set of super-useful templates for your content.
Insert an icon from the most popular icon set and select and preview its custom style.
Manually-created chain of links to display hierarchy of the current page.
Embed text side-boxes to the main content to present additional information.
Define custom sets of templates to quickly insert to your website.


Include additional CSS/JS files to your CKEditor or TinyMCE.
Highlight paragraphs, blocks, tables and more. Manage and alter them.
Use this to translate your content to other languages.
Insert any HTML content to the cursor position.
Enjoy full control over the selected tag, its classes, styles and attributes.

Table plugins

Insert new table in quick but advanced mode. Easely choose number of rows and cols like in Office app and the table is being inserted.
Pro editing table properties add-on. Edit classes, styles and attributes lists, add predefined styles and manage global table options which will affect to all cells (like text align).

Column plugins

Configure multiple cells combined in one column. The best way to set such column's attributes like text align or font.
Moving selected column to the left or to the right.
Inserting table column to the left or to the right.
Select & delete selected column by pressing toolbar button.

Row plugins

Configure table row's styles, classes, attributes and other options.
Moving selected table row below or above.
Select a cell or row and insert new row below or above of it.
Select and delete selected row.

Cell plugins

Edit each cell's options with this plugin. Full control on cell's classes, styles and attributes.
Insert cell near selected one.
Easely remove selected cell.
3 buttons for merging table's cells.
Split table cell horizontally or vertically.



Plugins set for CKEditor

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